Founded in 2017, Canlock purposely built our products with cannabis preservation in mind. Its at the core of what we do. The team at Canlock is on a mission to become the industry standard for quality and freshness.

Our mantra is to build products with equal parts form and function as we strive to introduce innovation into the marketplace. We have expanded our lines to service Enterprise accounts as well.


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“I love my Canlock Quarter+ because it preserves the herbs that I use for medicine. It keeps them in store-bought condition with a minimum of expense.”

Warren Bobrow (Forbes, Mixologist, CEO, Author)

“They are the perfect size to hold a bunch of king size joints!”

Dr. Dina 420 (Cannabis Trailblazer)

“Honestly my favorite jar i’ve ever come across. Top quality glass. It feel heavy and sturdy. I got another one as soon as i got my first one. I already recommended it to all my friends. This product is amazing. I cant even believe that it was actually from a Instagram sponsored post. Lol will never complain about them again.”

Amazon Customer
airtight glass jar lid for weed


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